Chocolate meditation

Sometimes creativity does not come easily. There are times when stepping away from the notebook or the computer is needed, and I often turn to meditation as a solution. Meditation does not have to involve finding a zen-like environment, breaking out scented candles and humming om for several minutes. It could be as simple as eating a piece of chocolate.

This meditation is by Dr. Danny Penman from his Mindfulness in a Frantic World column in 2011. I’ve included some modifications for creative types that will be helpful for writers. Penman suggests trying a new type of chocolate for this exercise, but I prefer using small Dove chocolates, particularly dark chocolates, instead.

This meditation takes only three minutes. Play some light music and set a time with a calm alarm.

  1. Unwrap the chocolate and rest it on the tongue. Read the inscription on the Dove wrapper and slowly close your eyes.
  2. Concentrate on the smoothness of the chocolate. Do not bite into the chocolate yet; wait until the three minutes are up. Instead, enjoy how the chocolate begins to melt inside the mouth.
  3. Think about the inscription. Is it inspiring? Is it funny? Is it relevant to your needs now?
  4. As time runs out, enjoy the chocolate slowly. If necessary, repeat with another piece of chocolate.
  5. Open your eyes slowly and write down the thoughts you had during the meditation. Creativity may strike during this quiet time.

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