Back to school

Last month, I signed up for a writer’s workshop at a local university. It had been about 14 years since I had been enrolled in a class, and I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to pick up learning again. Being 36 made me feel old, and I was afraid that I would sick out in a large class of kids fresh out of college.

My imagination and fear were grander than reality. I was one of two students in the workshop, and the other student was older than me. I signed up for a screenwriting class because it was something I wanted to attempt but was afraid to take it seriously. My plan is to one day get a master’s degree in either design or creative writing, but I’m skeptical of getting it in screenwriting. While movies have a big part in my life, I don’t imagine myself using the medium as a career. Sure, I love to write movie reviews and analyze film, but realistically I don’t see myself in the business. I like to dip my toes in the water but not take plunge – at least not yet.

In three classes, I have so far written an observation piece and a two-page screenplay adapted from Zadie Smith’s “On Beauty.” We’re expected to share the adaptation next week and work on ideas for a five- to 10-page screenplay for the end of the workshop. I have two ideas for a short screenplay, and I plan to share one of them with the class. I’m halfway through the workshop, and I have learned so much already.


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